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Green Johanna- the simple way to compost-recycle at home!

Green Johanna was developed in Sweden to provide a simple, easy to use compost system to safely compost all degradable kitchen waste all year round.

All food waste including meat, fish, bones and dairy can be put in Green Johanna, which has a capacity to compost 3 tonnes of waste per year (more that the average family of 5 produce).

Composting is an ideal form of recycling, returning organic waste to the land from which it came. A basic means of conservation for the good of the environment and future generations.

Compost recycling begins in the kitchen. Just use another small bin for all food and degradable house-hold waste and empty into Green Johanna. Stir 2-3 times a week or after each new waste deposit. Green Johanna processes rich and dark compost continuously after 3-6 months depending on volume and conditions.

To help our environment and avoid adding to the unsightly and potentially damaging land fill waste dumps, NOW is the time to begin recycling all food and kitchen waste.



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