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Ready made grass/Sod can be delivered and installed in your garden in a matter of a few hours. The big advantage over grass seed is that is ready to be used as soon as it's installed, without worrying about weather conditions or seed-eating insects. 

Turf varieties include Kikuyu and Tifway and price is per square metre.

Tifway is a bermuda grass with the following characteristics:

  • Top ranked in overall quality studies of bermudagrass cultivars.
  • Resistant to sting, root knot and ring nematodes.
  • Shortest dormancy period of all bermudas.
  • Recovers quickly from injury with vigorous, dense growth habit.
  • Tolerant of heat, porr water quality, heavy foot traffic and drought.
  • Stiff leaf blades creates excellent lie for golf balls.
  • Tolerant of close mowing.
  • Thrives in warm to hot climates.
  • Requires full sun.
  • Fall overseeding may be required for winter colour. 


Kikuyu grass is a low-growing, warm-season perennial grass that spreads vigorously by both rhizomes and stolons. In Cyprus it's preffered over Tifway as it has the ability to stay green year-round with a very high degree of wear tolerance during its dormant period (Winter). 

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