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Design Procedure

Brief and Survey: First meeting with our client takes place on-site, where his requirements are discussed and a site survey is taken. A budget should also be discussed at this point. 

Conceptual Design: Second meeting takes place at our office (or through e-mail), where the client is presented with the concept drawings for the design approach. At this point the client can suggest changes or agree to proceed to the next step, the detailed design.

Detailed Design: Third meeting takes place at our office where the client is presented with the detailed drawings package of the design approach. At this point a plant, material and construction quotation is presented to the client and he is able to increase or decrease quantities and sizes according to his budget. Of course the client will be able to actually see the plants and materials in the garden centre.

Construction Procedure

Setting Up: As soon as the detailed design for the garden is finalised and the customer wishes to begin construction, a time schedule is set in order to commence the procedure. For a new project, garden construction takes place after everybody who participated in the building construction (indoors or outdoors), finish and leave. Everything concerning the supply of water, well pumps, tanks, etc has to be prepared by the plumber and tested according to our specifications. The topsoil also has to be supplied and levelled by the building construction company according to our specifications.  

Construction Supervision: During the garden construction procedure our garden designer will come frequently on-site to supervise our team and make sure the tasks are carried out perfectly and according to the design.


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